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Welcome! My name is Janita Boer and I am the founder of Luxury Suds – Artisan Soaps by Janita. Thank you for stopping in!

Luxury Suds – Artisan Soaps by Janita have been described as “Pure Luxury” by our very first customers. My love for crafting artisan soap developed out of a desire to have an enjoyable profession that allowed me to not only be imaginative, but to share my creative inspirations with others.

One of my favorite quotes by Albert Einstein is “Creativity is Intelligence having Fun”, and this describes Luxury Suds. My soaps combine my personal artistic side and my love for science which allows us to produce beautiful and luxurious cold process soaps that make you feel relaxed and pampered. Each bar is fashioned, cut, shaped, and individually labeled and packaged. Additionally, our soaps contain ingredients that nourish the skin and leave it feeling silky soft and moisturized. The experience of “pure luxury” created by our soaps, induce a thrilling anticipation for bath or shower time.

Since discovering my love for creating soap, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t wake up anticipating and thinking about designing and crafting our products. The best thing about producing soap, however, is that we get to share it with others! Thank you so much for visiting and we look forward to sharing our inspirations with you!


Try one… you’ll love them allTry one… you’ll love them all

Indulge yourself in the feeling of luxury you’ll experience while using our soaps.