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Frequently Asked Questions

Cold process soap is created by mixing oils, fats and/or butters with water and lye. Mixing lye with oils causes a chemical reaction called saponification (the process in which oils become soap).

There is no lye in your soap, as the lye used to make the soap neutralizes during the curing process and is no longer in the finished product.  As for why lye is used, it is a necessary ingredient needed to cause saponification of the oils (the chemical reaction that turns the oils into soap).  Cold process soap cannot be created without lye.

Curing is the process which allows saponification to complete within the soap and for the soap to fully dry.  Once you remove the soap from the mold, it is cut into bars and allowed to sit in a place with free air flow and low to no humidity.  It takes at least 4 to 6 weeks for the soap to cure, which hardens the bars, allows it to lose excess moisture, become milder to the skin and produce luxury suds, so the longer the bar cures, the better.

Yes, I welcome requests for customized orders.  Feel free to send me a message with color, fragrance or ingredient requests and we’ll create your order for you.

My soaps are lovingly handmade and because of this, there may be slight variation in the color, design and weight of the bars.  Since the soap is poured and cut by hand, each bar will have its own luxurious and unique look.  

Shipping is separate from the cost of the soap. Purchases are shipped USPS Priority or First Class mail at a flat rate of $8.00.  At this time, we are only shipping within the United States, and we are working on being able to ship internationally.  We will update the site when shipping internationally is available.

For hygiene and safety reasons, we cannot accept returns.  However, we want you to be happy with your purchase.  So if there is ever an issue, please contact us so we can ensure your experience is a positive one.

Any Question ?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any additional questions you may have about the products at Luxury Suds Artisan Soaps by Janita. We value our customers and will be sure to address your needs and concerns.