Janitas Luxury Suds

Blackberry Ambrosia


Our Blackberry Ambrosia soap has a lovely maroon swirl and a wonderfully fruity floral sent. The fragrance of the soap is called “Blackberry Ambrosia” of course, by Nurture Soap and it is a delicious blend of blackberry and apple, with sugary sweet melon and floral notes.  The lather is amazing and it smells so good! 


Approximately 4.0oz


Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, *Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate, Madder Root Powder, White Kaolin Clay, Colloidal Oats and Fragrance Oils. (*No sodium hydroxide remains after saponification and curing of soap.)


We recommend keeping your soap out of water between uses, and using a soap dish that drains. This will allow your soap to last longer.

Please discontinue use if irritation occurs.  Note: although the picture may show multiple bars of soap, this listing is for one (1) bar.


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